Elastic installation of INDEX R200/R300 turn-mill centres Machine(s):

INDEX R200/R300 turn-mill centres with bar loaders

Total weight: 10,000 kg
Total weight: 18,000 kg

Date of installation: October 2019

The task for isoloc and the goal of the customer was to reduce the shocks during operation of the INDEX machines, which seriously disrupted employees working in the adjacent offices, by isolating the source.

MULTIDAM ® 4-axis 3025/PA10/MD4-32LP/UMS8-ASF/I2 (pat.)

And for the chip conveyor:
Levelling disc NT 100/20-2

For the bar loader:
Universal precision machine shoe Steel Line UMS8/SLZ-DSF /3050/PA15/20-2 (pat.) made of forged steel and with a centred through-bore

The customer is very satisfied with the result. These machines in particular, which process short bars up to 1 m long and 100 mm thick directly in the jaw chuck, generate considerable shocks and vibrations as well as noise when they are not equipped with an isoloc installation.

Quote from the customer:  "We are glad we implemented the measure."


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