Setup of a CHIRON Machining Centre

Elastic installation of a Chiron FZ15 Magnum for a textile machine manufacturer


CHIRON FZ 15 MAGNUM Machining Centre
Total mass: 10,800 kg
Number of setup points: 7 pieces
Date of installation: August 2019

The task for isoloc and the goal of the customer was to reduce the level of shock and vibration affecting the CHIRON machines, which had a negative impact on the surfaces of the workpieces produced, using receiver insulation.

The surface quality specification called for a surface roughness (Rz) of 2.0.
With the standard setup (simple discs, rigid, see Fig.1 on the right) from Chiron and during normal operation of the machines nearby, a surface roughness of Rz 3.67 was reached, and an Rz value of just 2.88 was reached when the machines nearby were switched off.


For setup point 1 and setup point 3:

3 UMS18-ASF/I machine shoes (pat.),
4 UMS5-ASF/3050/PA15/I machine shoes (pat.)


With the isoloc installation, normal operation of the machines nearby resulted in a surface roughness (Rz) of 1.6 on the reference feature, which means it is now even possible to manufacture the parts with a certain “safety margin”.

Quote from the customer: “We are amazed at just how big the difference in surface quality actually is due to this relatively simple and economical measure.”

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